Local Congregation

Donations given here are for printing cost and mailing cost of testimonies, handout tracts, get well cards, Bibles, Website, Prayer Cards and Video Music for Congregational use. Michael and Missy do not accept any donations for themselves in any form.

Local Charities

For use to feed the homeless, orphans, widows and widowers, veterans and other local miscellaneous charities. All donations goes towards the charities except for expenses, shipping cost and fees involved. 

Foreign Missions

For use in overseas mission fields to feed the homeless, orphans, widows and widowers and construction of orphanages. Below are a just few that Messiah's Vineyard Ministries has sponsored. 

Uganda refugee camps

God's Love Ministry For Africa

Jospeh Makuma

and Messiah's Vineyard Ministries


Evangelist Zeshan Masih

and Messiah's Vineyard Ministries